NYCC 2013: Call of Duty zombies from Mega Bloks are coming this fall

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mega bloks zombies

I’ve been impressed with the new Mega Bloks Call of Duty line. The detail on the micro action figures is second to none when it comes to building block sets, and the actual vehicles and structures are also well done. Right now, the Mega Bloks CoD line is mostly comprised of soldiers and military vehicles. As we all know, zombies have been a big part of CoD for years. That’s why we’ll be getting zombie sets this fall.

Mega Bloks revealed its zombie creations at New York Comic-Con. There are going to be two zombie sets in the first wave. The first set is called Zombie Horde, and it mostly focuses on the six figures. It also contains pieces to build a leaning utility pole. The accessories with the set include a shovel, a small wooden fence, a pick and a tire.

The second set is fairly big. It’s called the Zombie TranZit Farm and it contains 415 pieces. The four zombies in this set are accompanied by a windmill and a barn. The barn is nine inches tall and includes some playability in the form of removable boards and moveable barn doors.

It would have been great to get these sets right before Halloween. Oh well, I’ll be picking these up and will certainly give you my thoughts once I build them.

Source [Mega Bloks]

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