Pokemon X Diary Entry 2: Santalune City, Lumiose City, and Charmander

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Good day everyone, and welcome to my ongoing journey through Pokemon X . I’ve been playing the 3DS game since the moment it launched, technically a few hours earlier thanks to timezone fortuity, and am here to recap my adventures as I journey through Kalos. So sit back, enjoy, and see what it’s like to play the new Pokemon.

pokemon x professor sycamore

Day 2: Saturday, October 12, 2013.

My second day with Pokemon X was still technically my first day. As I mentioned before, I was up until around 1am, probably closer to 2am, with the game the night it was released. Since I didn’t have too many plans for the actual day of the release. Saturday became Pokemon Day.

Which meant I got a lot further than I intended, but I’m just going to cover my adventures in Santalune City and Lumiose City today. Mainly, because I got a lot farther than I’d like to admit in my first few days of this adventure, and I want to pace myself with these journal installments.

When we left off, I was just reaching Santalune City. My main party consisted of a Froake, a Fletchling, a Shiny Spewpa (my Scatterbug evolved), and a Pikachu. I had caught a few other Pokemon in Santalune Forest, mainly because I was so impressed and startled by the variety of creatures there, but didn’t really consider them part of my party. They were caught because they were there. I wanted Wonder Trade fodder, for early random trades.

Actually, I was really impressed with the Pokemon variety in both Santalune Forest and the grassy area to the right of Santalune City. The forest had tons of bug Pokemon, including Spewpa and Kakuna. I saw a Pikachu, as well as Panpour, Pansage, and Pansear. The only bird pokemon that appeared was Fletchling, which I had to catch because it was adorable. I figured I’d use it primarily for the first Bug gym. Spoiler alert: Fletchling, Fletchinder, and Talonflame are awesome and this one Pokemon is a fixture on my team.

pokemon x fletchling

The grassy area to the right of Santalune City was impressive mainly because Riolu lived there. Yes, you can catch a Riolu in Pokemon X and Y that early. I was shocked, and spent about half an hour trying to find and catch one. I didn’t, and had to ultimately resort to the GTS to find one. Which then promptly stayed in my PC box.

The Santalune City gym itself proved to be no challenge. My Fletchling flew through every bug thrown out at me. Its Ember and Peck moves proved invaluable. Which meant it was time to move on towards Lumiose City and Professor Sycamore.

However, two important things happened before that. The first is the acquisition of the new Exp. Share. It is now a Key Item, which can be turned on or off from the item menu. When on, all Pokemon in your party receive experience from a battle. It seems more generous than the old Exp. Share held item from previous Pokemon games, and I have to say that I’ve spent a lot less time grinding in Pokemon X than I have in previous games.

The second is, I saw a Flabebe. Flabebe was the first Fairy Pokemon I encountered in Pokemon X and I have to say, I was impressed. The Fairy move she knew early on, Fairy Wind, wasn’t terribly strong, but she did learn a number of fantastic Grass-type moves, like Magical Leaf and Vine Whip.

pokemon x lumiose city

After a brief walk, I ran into two of Professor Sycamore’s other teenage assistants, and they guided me to his offices in Lumiose City.

Except, I couldn’t go straight to his office, because Lumiose City was amazing. It is the largest city in any Pokemon game, and is simply huge. There were a wide variety of shops, cafes, and other spots to sight see. I couldn’t start spending at the boutique, because I wasn’t fashionable or rich enough, but I was able to shoot a Trainer PR video and stop in a few cafes for conversations and free items. Most of Lumiose City was walled off to me, however, because of a “power outage.”

So, the first thing I did was get a haircut, so my hair looked more like my real life hair, and create a Pokemon X Trainer PR video. The video is something that is shared in your PSS profile, and friends and passersby can view it to see what your trainer looks like and maybe see one of your favorite Pokemon. It was very easy to do, and there were a surprising number of camera angles, poses, phrases, and actions to customize my video.

From there, I decided to finally visit Professor Sycamore. He greeted my new friends and I warmly, and then decided he wanted to see us all battle. He came at me with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Thanks to Fletchling, Froake, and Flabebe, I won easily. As a reward, I was able to pick one of his Pokemon as a second starter.

pokemon x charmander

Since Charizard’s Mega Evolution in Pokemon X looks awesome, I decided to pick Charmander. Sycamore handed over the Pokemon and its Mega Stone. I attached the stone to Charmander, sent it to my PC box, and never saw him again.

Yes, I benched Charmander. I chose Froake because I was worried I’d be too overwhelmed by Fire types with the free Torchic, Charmander, and Fennekin. Yet, when it came down to it, Fletchling ended up meeting my Fire and Flying needs, and the very Pokemon I picked up Pokemon X for, as well as the awesome freebie, spent the rest of the game stores in a virtual box.

On that note, let’s leave off for today. Next time, I’ll talk about my Pokemon X adventures with Parfum Palace, Snorlax, Cyllage City and, my new favorite Pokemon, Sylveon.

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