How to Beat Fairy Pokemon

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The Fairy Pokemon type can be intimidating. It isn’t because it’s crazy powerful or in some way unstoppable. No, the issue is that Fairy Pokemon are new to Pokemon X and Y , which means people won’t know how to handle them. See a cute pink puffball appear in front of you, send out one of your beloved monsters, and then watch in shock as your opponent suddenly scores a one hit KO.

Don’t worry. You can deal with it. You can beat those Fairy Pokemon. You just need to be a little more informed. And, since you may be coming close to reaching the Laverre City gym, which is filled with Fairy Pokemon, you’re going to want to know how to deal with your new opponents.

The irony is, two kinds Pokemon you’ve seen earlier in Pokemon X and Y can save the day. The first is the Bug type. Yes, Bug Pokemon will be surprisingly helpful against Fairy Pokemon. They can’t deal with Poison moves. If you have a Vivillion, Beedrill, Venipede, or Butterfree, you can breeze through any battle against Fairy Pokemon.

The other is a type that is a little harder to find, but is just as effective. Mythology has always stated that iron is poisonous to fairies, and that holds true for Fairy Pokemon. If you have a Steel Pokemon, or a Pokemon with Steel moves, you can beat any Fairy Pokemon down. Honedge is a good option, as it’s a solid Steel Pokemon you’ll encounter shortly after Lumiose City. By the time you reach Laverre City, you’ll should have it evolved to Doublade and ready to fight any Fairy.

Which brings us to what Pokemon you should never bring to a Fairy Pokemon fight in Pokemon X and Y. Leave your Fighting, Dragon, and Dark Pokemon at home. They can’t handle Fairy moves.

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