League of Legends Team Builder lets players LFG

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League of Legends
Having a great mix of roles in League of Legends when starting a match is key to success. Getting that great mix, however, is hardly seen. With favorites or popular characters for that month, you’ll more than often see a team derived mostly of one type of role. No one wants to start out a match with instant frustration.

The announcement on the League of Legends forums explaining the Team Builder feature seems to be the answer for these situations. What Team Builder aims to accomplish is what most MOBAs could do with as well. Allowing players to pick what role they want to play and selecting the champion of their choice before queuing up to look for others in need of your choices is wonderful.

Wanting better teamwork from the player community works in both the developer and player community’s favor. Riot Games helps make the matches more towards the perfect mix of roles thus keeping the community happy. This also makes new players that much more inclined to want to stick around longer. Giving these new players time to try out different roles and champions while pairing them up with a good mix of other champions takes some of the fear of learning how to play or improve.

Riot Games expects the Team Builder feature to be added in the public beta of League of Legends “in the near future.”

Source [League of Legends Forums]

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