Pokemon X Diary Entry 3: Parfum Palace, Snorlax, Ambrette, and Eevee

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Let the Pokemon X saga commence. Though, it’s probably I introduce this entry with a confession. I beat the Elite 4 last night. So now I’m getting into post-game content. Which means that, even with my notes, the past adventure is getting a bit blurry. So think of today’s installment as a bit of a clip show. A highlight reel of the most important moments in my journey between Camphrier Town and Cyllage City.

pokemon x diary 3 a

Day 3: Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Pokemon X adventures left off last week with my abandoning Charmander and the promotion Torchic in the PC box, in favor of Fletchling. Which actually, was Fletchinder by the time I got the other two Fire types. They didn’t stand a chance. Bittykins, my Fletchinder, was just too good.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I like to give my Pokemon demeaning, ridiculous names, and I’ve continued this practice in Pokemon X. Bittykins. Push Kitty. Schmooples. Stuff like that. I even had a Swirlix named Monstrosity for a while, until I traded it to Jeremy. (I’m still waiting on my Spritzee, Jeremy.)

But back to the Pokemon X adventure. From there, I went to Camphrier Town. It was a smaller city, one without a gym. The big claim to fame was a mansion that was mostly empty, with the exception of an Escape Rope. It was more like a place to pass through and get a stopping point before encountering a Snorlax and a side-quest.

A Snorlax had fallen asleep on the bridge, and a Pokeflute was naturally needed to wake him. Except it was in Parfum Palace, a huge mansion a short jaunt away. Of course it was. Getting there, I found a bit of a milestone, the first photo spot. You can take pictures of your trainer in certain locations, and this was one of them. I snapped a pic, then headed on inside. Shauna was touring it with me, we ended up finding a lost Furfrou, and were given permission to borrow the flute in return.

pokemon x

Which took us back to the bridge. It was time to wake up Snorlax. This led to a battle, of course. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well for me. I was using my Fletchinder, because Bittykins had a Quick Attack move that I knew wouldn’t one-hit-KO the Snorlax. It would let me steadily whittle down his HP. Except Bittykins also had the Flame Body ability, the Snorlax got burned, and it ended up fainting before I could catch it. Sadface, but it’s okay. I never really liked Snorlax anyone. I just wanted him so I could name him Totoro.

The next stop was Ambrette Town and it was mostly forgettable. Well, that isn’t exactly true. That was my first encounter with Team Flare, and gave me the chance to get either a Tyrant or Amaura from a fossil. I went with the Amaura, of course, because it’s prettier. Though it didn’t matter in the end, because it got the box treatment, just like Charmander and Torchic. Aside from Glaceon, I usually don’t bother with Ice types.

With Team Flare banished from Ambrette and a fossil Pokemon acquired, it was time to move on. Cyllage City was my next stop, and I was excited. Mainly because I knew two things about this town. It was next to a patch of grass that had Eevees, and it had a Boutique. The Boutique here specialized in Sporty clothes, which aren’t typically my style, but that was okay. I was just happy to finally be out of the standard Pokemon X attire. I grabbed a hoodie, some jeans, and a rather nice baseball hat. There wasn’t a matching bag at the moment, so I had to stick with the stock pink bag, but that was fine.

I suppose I should have immediately headed to the Rock gym, let my little Floette Bebébe show off her Grass moves, but I couldn’t. I had to get an Eevee. Eventually, I would go on to get eight Eevees, named Ichigo, Ni, San, Yon, Go, Roku, Nana, and Hachi, but for now, one would do. (Yes, I know I have a problem.) Ichigo was my first, and he got his name for a number of reasons. One is that he was first. Another is that I like Bleach. Thirdly, I planned to make him into a Sylveon, and he needed an appropriately cute name.

pokemon xWhich meant I spent about an hour on Pokemon-Aime in one day, getting Ichigo friendly enough to become a Sylveon. It was a bit tedious, but most of the mini-games were entertaining and there’s absolutely nothing cuter than watching an Eevee stuff its face with Pokepuffs. Except, after all that time, I realized he didn’t know a Fairy move. (He was level 21 when I captured him, and no longer had Baby Doll Eyes.) So I had to bench him for a bit, until he learned Charm the next day and transformed.

And I think that’s a good place to stop today. Tomorrow’s Pokemon X installment will be a more trunicated entry, because I don’t want to “spoil” anyone. Instead, I’ll just offer an overview of my adventures with Wonder Trade, Battle Spot, and the Player Search System instead.


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