Android Amusements: Incredipede

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incredipedeGood morning everyone, and welcome to another Android Amusements. I know, it’s a day late, but the Pokemon X coverage has had me a little swamped. Which resulted in a one day delay of our Incredipede coverage. Yes, for today’s Android Amusements, we’re looking at a game from the Humble Bundle with Android 7.

Incredipede stars Quozzle who is, as you can imagine, an Incredipede. It’s a weird sort of lifeform that has the ability to spontaneously generate limbs and muscles. These can then be used to propel her over land, through the skies, or in the water. There are 120 challenges to undertake, and each one requires players to be thoughtful and inventive to get Quozzle to her goal.

What made Incredipede stand out most to me was the detail. This game is gorgeous, and has this sort of rustic and historic world. It may sound silly, but I almost felt like some kind of archeologist, who was looking back at situations and trying to determine what an Incredipede was like by seeing how Quozzle could get through her daily life. The fact that I had total control over her limbs, determining where muscles would go to accurately control movement, was quite entertaining. It was so much fun that I initially spent more time just fooling around, seeing what Quozzle could do, rather than actually try and beat the level.

Which, I think, Incredipede actually encourages. The first handful of levels aren’t terribly challenging. It felt like they were more about finding your footing and seeing what you could make Quozzle do. It was prep work for later levels. It’s helpful, because the game does eventually get more difficult. Though, I never felt too overwhelmed by Incredipede. While I was momentarily stumped a few times, it was because I wasn’t thinking things through. The game itself controlled perfectly and, after I consulted the internet to see what wiser people had done, I saw and learned from my mistakes.

Now, normally Incredipede is $3.99 for Android devices. However, it happens to be part of the currently-running Humble Bundle with Android 7, and is one of the four base games. So you could pay anything you want and get a copy. Or, you could pay a little over the average and be guaranteed at least six games. I’d go with the latter, but that’s just me. The current average was $6.40 when I bought it yesterday, so you could really clean up.

Incredipede is a fun game, and I highly recommend it. Whether you’re buying it on its own for $3.99, or just happen to be getting it because you buy every Humble Bundle, it’s worth your time. Plus, if you have young’ins running around the place, it’s a good way to entertain them, while also challenging their minds. It’s both satisfying and hilarious when you finally find a way to get Quozzle moving and to her goal, and with the level editor, you’ll always have new puzzles to enjoy.

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