Drool over the Monster Hunter 4 3DS you’ll never get

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Get your drool rag ready, because you’re going to start salivating. Japan is getting another limited edition 3DS model. It’s a blue, Monster Hunter 4 3DS, and it’s beautiful. Actually, sleek may be a better word for it. Tragically, we’ll never get it, because special edition Monster Hunter 3DS models are never released outside of Japan. Commence drooling.

The new Monster Hunter 4 3DS is a sky blue model, adorned with a bird monster, a decorative border, and Monster Hunter 4 lettering. It’s coming to Japan on November 7, 2013, and will cost ¥19,800 (~$200). Naturally, it’s part of a Monster Hunter 4 3DS bundle, which means you also get a download code for the game. A 4GB SD card is included as well, so you have something to download the game onto.

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This marks the third Monster Hunter 4 3DS model. There were already two others, released when Monster Hunter 4 debuted on September 14, 2013. They were those two bad boys you see right up there. The designs were called Goa Magara Black and Felyne White. Each bundle was ¥26,000 (~$263) and included a copy of Monster Hunter 4. Naturally, you can’t find them in Japan anymore, because people go crazy for limited edition 3DS models there.

I suppose the new Monster Hunter 4 3DS bundle is there for people who missed out on the 3DS XLs. Or, it could be a little something special for the holiday shopping season. I guess it could just be because Japan is crazy about Monster Hunter, and Nintendo and Capcom know if they make it, fans will come. Yeah, that last one sounds like the right answer.

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