Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a tiny bit familiar

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Tiny Death Star Star Wars: Tiny Death Star from NimbleBit is now available for Android devices in Australia. Tiny Death Star is basically Tiny Tower set in the Star Wars universe. Since Tiny Tower was known as being quite the time sink when it was fresh on the scene, it makes since for this new game to follow suit. The question is whether the Star Wars brand is enough to make you play what is essentially the same game over again. I’ve been playing the game for a day, and I’ve got an answer for you.

Here’s the bottom line. If you’re burnt out on the original Tiny Tower and its assortment of clones, you probably won’t want to spend too much time with this game. It’s not that Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a bad game. It’s just as good as Tiny Tower. The problem is that it’s too similar to Tiny Tower. The goal is to constantly build floor after floor on the Death Star that’s funded by an assortment of businesses. You’ll have retail shops, restaurants, recreation stations, apartments and service stations at your disposal. There’s also a new Imperial level where you can interrogate Rebel scum. You’ll spend your time making sure all your goods are in stock and chauffeuring visitors up the Death Star elevator. You also play landlord by creating apartments and setting up all your residents with jobs. To keep you somewhat focused, missions from Emperor Palpatine are readily available. He’ll have you build floors and look through various menus. One mission tasked me with visiting the in-game store. Real subtle right?

There are various nods to Star Wars throughout such as elevator music versions of the “Imperial March” theme and various races of visitors that can be unlocked over time. These things are just cosmetic though.

As usual, Bux are the premium currency in this game. They speed up construction and restocking times. The game gives out Bux sparingly, but you can buy more if you’re impatient.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a great introduction to the Tiny Tower style of games. It’s best if this is your first experience. If you’re experienced in this genre, you won’t find too much to keep you engaged once the Star Wars nostalgia wears off.

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