Pokemon X Diary Entry 4: Pokemon-Aime, Battle Spot, and Wonder Trade

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Another day, another series of adventures around Kalos with Pokemon X . It’s been a good trip, I tell you. Since I started to get into spoiler-ific territory after about the third day, these last two installments of GamerTell’s Pokemon X diary will deal with general game concepts. You know, keep things fresh for you. Plus, you can now read our review, and get a little more insight into this new Pokemon world.

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Day 4: Sunday, October 13, 2013 – Part 2

When I left off in my last entry, I mentioned I spent a substantial amount of time playing with an Eevee in Pokemon-Aime, so I could evolve it into a Sylveon.

Pokemon-Aime was a bit tedious at first, mainly because I was spamming it for a hour straight to get the Eevee’s affection up to five hearts. Once the obligatory part was over, however, I saw the beauty in the system. There are three mini-games to entertain a Pokemon. These involve dragging the right berries to three Pokemon before time runs out, bopping balls of yarn with three Pokemon, or putting together a puzzle as quickly as possible. Your performance earns you a certain number of Pokepuff food items, with the quality of them increasing based on the mini-game’s difficulty level. These can be fed to the Pokemon to reduce its hunger. Also, you can pet the Pokemon. Combining all three actions boosts affection.

While I initially only went through with Pokemon X‘s Pokemon-Aime for Eevee because I wanted Sylveon, I eventually started going through it with my Meowstic, Talonflame, Lucario, and Leafeon because the benefits were worth it. A Pokemon with full hearts in Pokemon-Aime receives a boost in experience points from every battle. Pokemon who love their trainer also score critical hits more often, and sometimes get to dodge attacks from opponents because of the connection.

Which means Pokemon X‘s Pokemon-Amie system is not only adorable, it’s practical. I encourage everyone to use it with their favorite Pokemon.

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That wasn’t the only Pokemon X supplemental activity I engaged in, during my Pokemon X excursions. I became quite invested with the PSS. That’s the Player Search System. If your 3DS is connected to a WiFi hot spot, you can see all the other people, around the world, who are also playing Pokemon X and Y at that time. They can be friends, strangers, or acquaintances that you’ve interacted with before.

The system I enjoyed most is Wonder Trade. It’s similar to GTS, except you send a Pokemon off into the abyss and have no idea what you’re going to get back. Since I’m now in the post-game, I enjoy catching either high level Pokemon from the Victory Road area or unusual Pokemon from the Friend Safari, giving them ridiculous names, and sending them out to strangers over Wonder Trade.

For example, last night two of the Pokemon I sent out via Wonder Trade were Cpt. Tickles the Gourgeist and Snufflepants the Dragonair. I’m sure their new owners are very proud.

Another helpful option is Battle Spot. It allows you to immediately battle a stranger. It will involve normal rules, which means you can have up to 6 Pokemon from either your Party or Battle Box, and their levels will be set/scaled to 50. You then fight until all of one person’s Pokemon are knocked out. The reward? Bragging rights.

With both Wonder Trade and Battle Spot, the strangers are added to your Acquaintance list, so you can do things with them again, if you’d like.

Finally, there are O-Powers. This is how you interact with friends and strangers without getting too involved. It’s like you get a chance to cheer them on. There’s a man in practically every city in the game who will give you new O-Power abilities, like boosting experience points, healing HP or PP, reducing prices in shops, lowering encounter rates, increasing capture rates, boosting attack/defense/special attack/special defense/speed, and improving befriending rates. Once you have one, you can tap a friend or stranger and tap their O-Powers icon to use it on them. They get a boost, and your O-Power gets experience. Use an O-Power enough, and it will level up and become more effective.

That’s enough Pokemon X talk for today, though. Stop by tomorrow for the final wrap up of GamerTell’s Pokemon X experience!

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