GamerTell Cast #43: Gotta Catch’em All

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This is a special episode of the GamerTell Cast because it’s all about Pokemon X and Y. I’ve been playing Pokemon Y and Jenni has invested many hours into Pokemon X. We’ve got a review of the game up right now along with a slew of editorials. Even with all that writing dedicated to Pokemon, we just didn’t feel complete until we put it in podcast form. So here you have it. 40 minutes of Poketalk!

What’s interesting about part of our conversation is how differently we approach the world of Pokemon. My knowledge is mostly derived from the TV show, whereas Jenni’s came from just playing the various games. But since I haven’t watched the show in years, I’ve been having a difficult time getting really invested. Jenni on the other hand is pretty much a Pokemon master compared to me. You’ll see exactly what I mean in this episode.

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