Pokemon X Diary Entry 5: Super Training and the Post-Game

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I’ve been talking about my experiences with Pokemon X this week, going over the basic things you can expect when you first start playing. Then, I got into territory filled with spoilers, and decided it was best to go with summaries.

Since many of you have probably beaten the Elite 4 by now, just like me, I figure it’s a good time to go over extra Pokemon X and Y activities. Yesterday I went over Pokemon-Aime, so today I’ll go through my adventures in Super Training and exploring Kalos as a Champion.

Day 5 until Forever

pokemon x diaryI put off Super Training. Even though it was a game element that could have made battling easier, by allowing me to power up Pokemon, I figured I would save it until the post game. Mainly because I intend to breed Pokemon and create a perfect Pokemon X battle team, and I wanted to wait before I got invested in EV training. That is, carefully boosting a Pokemon’s stats while considering its nature to create a super-powered beast.

Of course, that meant I couldn’t enter my four favorite Pokemon into Super Training. Since Bittykins (a Talonflame), Reklus (Lucario), Ichigo (a male Sylveon), and Push Kitty (Meowstic) had been in my party and with me throughout the practically the entirety of Pokemon X, their stats were maxed out and they couldn’t be trained further. Which meant Super Training could only be done with my new Inkay, Leafeon, Vaporeon, and Sligoo.

Super Training involves a lot of tapping and another mini-game. When it’s active, you see your active party member Pokemon tapping away at a punching bag, while a grid on the left shows its overall stats. You can tap at the blank bag to try and earn random, specialized bags. Selecting a specialized bag will do things like boost a select stat or make the Super Training mini-game more effective.

The Super Training mini-games are essentially a shooting game. You can choose from Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, Speed, and Hit Point training. Highlighting a course shows the projected stat change. A Pokemon balloon will appear on the top screen, with random targets appearing on its body. The player’s Pokemon must fire shots at the spots, earning X number of points before time runs out to successfully boost his or her stats. However, the Pokemon balloon will fire shots at the Pokemon, and if one is hit, the score decreases. Beating each of the six courses unlocks more difficult incarnations of it, which result in better stat boosts. A punching bag is also awarded after beating a course, as a reward.

That wasn’t the only extracurricular activity I engaged in during the Pokemon X post-game. I did some legendary Pokemon hunting as well. Shortly after beating the Elite 4, I saw a Moltres outside of Snowbelle City. It ran, naturally, and now it, Arcticuno, and Zapdos are flying around Kalos. However, it was Mewtwo that I actually encountered and caught. He lurks in a cave next to the Pokemon Village, is at Level 70, and comes with the Pokemon X or Y version of his Mega Stone.

pokemon x
Mewtwo is also ridiculously difficult to capture. Most of my team were between level 75-85 at the point I challenged him, and it was very difficult to get him to a point where my Pokemon didn’t knock him out. Since all of them had full affection from Pokemon-Aime, they tended to get unexpected critical hits. If I went with second tier characters I had boxed, they fainted after Mewtwo repeatedly used Recover, Psychic, and Aura Sphere in succession. So, I caved and used a Master Ball.

I also explored Kiloude City a bit. You can fight your rival for Absol’s Mega Stone there, as well as join in Battle Maison battles, search Friend Safari Zones for new Pokemon not normally found in Pokemon X, and get a special trainer clothing item. Female trainers get a Sundae dress, while guys get a Pangoro hat. I really wanted that hat, but the dress is okay as well. Beating your rival also prompts Professor Sycamore to call you and give you an update to your Mega Ring that lets you find new Mega Stones scattered around the world.

pokemon x
What really surprised me is a whole new series of quests around Lumiose City. The first time you enter the city after beating the Elite 4, a man called the Looker will call you over the Holo Caster. This prompts a series of adventures in which you start to become a detective. I’ve only completed the first “chapter”, which involved searching spots around Lumiose City for hidden items, but I was pleased to see a little extra story thrown into Pokemon X.

I know every time a new Pokemon game comes out, people declare it the “best installment ever”. With Pokemon X and Y, I think that’s really true. I’ve had a ball with the game, and hope that’s come through in these diary entries.

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  • Allen

    I miss Join Avenue though. It was really nice to have the incubator shop that let you instantly hatch your Pokemon eggs.

    • Jenni Lada

      Me too! I would have loved instant hatching, especially since I’m trying to see if the Matsuda Method for hatching shinies applies in Pokemon X.

  • Togira Ikonoka

    I managed to catch Mewtwo on second repeat ball after using my Raichu to paralyse and weaken Mewtwo with nuzzle

  • scott blanton

    I used a combination of taunt, false swipe and hypnosis with my Garchomp,zoroark and gardevoir. caught him second attempt with a premier ball :)