Xbox One Countdown: Killer Instinct is back to break all our combos

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killer instinctWhen word first leaked that Microsoft had purchased the Killer Instinct trademark, the fighting game world tried to figure out the plan. Would they re-release the original or introduce a brand new Killer Instinct? Both of those things turned out to be true, and the result is an Xbox One launch title.

Killer Instinct is a fighter very much of the current era. It won’t have a traditional story mode, and it’s *cough cough* free-to-play. Creative Director Ken Lobb obviously dislikes the term, telling Eurogamer he instead considers it “the world’s most generous demo.” Jago will be free at launch, other characters will cost $5 each. The theory is that most players only use a handful of the characters in a fighting game anyway.

This pricing structure lets them only purchase the ones they plan to use. Regardless of how many characters you own, you’ll be able to fight against anyone online. Killer Instinct will adopt the model pioneered by League of Legends, switching out the free character periodically. So if Jago isn’t a favorite character of yours, waiting will give you the chance to get somebody else free.

His look comes from illustrator Eric Canete, who has worked on projects including The Batman and Justice League Unlimited. His model contains 60 thousand polygons and nine separate physics simulations. His clothes and sword are all designed to react more naturally to the player’s movements, running at 60 frames per second according to Double Helix.

There are several pricing options. The Combo Breaker pack includes six characters and early access to two other fighters for $19.99. The Ultra Edition, which Microsoft calls the best value, is $39.99 and includes the six launch characters, early access to the DLC fighters, accessory packs and extra costumes. There’s an emulated version of the original too.

The “Pin-Ultimate” Edition will contain all eight Season 1 characters, a season pass for all costumes and accessory packs, early access to Season One content and two pins from a Penny Arcade collection in a premium collector’s case. Jago and the Killer Instinct logo are the two starter pins. It’s $59.99.

Speaking of “Season One,” how many seasons of Killer Instinct will there be? Developer Double Helix says it will keep adding new characters “as long as players are interested.” Season Two is coming in 2014, adding another eight characters. If demand is there, the new Killer Instinct could last for Xbox One’s entire console generation. Will fighting games and free-to-play be a winning c-c-combo for this system. We’ll find out Nov. 22 when Killer Instinct returns.

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