Get free stuff when you buy LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes this week

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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes comes out tomorrow, and some retailers are offering up something extra for shopping with them. I’ve gone over some weekly ads for this week and found Walmart, Toys R Us and Target are the best places to go to grab this game on launch week. The game is going to cost the same amount no matter where you go, so you only have to decide which free goody is best for you.

Let’s start things off with Walmart. Walmart is giving away the Iron Patriot LEGO minifigure with the purchase of LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes. This was offered up as a pre-order bonus months ago, but it turns out you didn’t have to do that after all. The Iron Patriot figure is exclusive to Walmart, and can’t be purchased individually or in any LEGO set. If you’re a minifigure collector, it’ll be hard to pass up on this deal.

Next up is Target. Target is giving away a Loki key chain with the game. Unlike the Iron Patriot figure, The LEGO Store’s website sells this keychain for $4.99. The benefit is even if you miss out on this freebie from Target, you can still get this keychain for a pretty low price.

Last but certainly not least is Toys R Us. Toys R Us will give you a $15 gift card for purchasing LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes on any platform. With that gift card, you could buy a Disney Infinity Play N’ Store accessory for like $5 and then be able to get any Disney Infinity figure for only $1.99. That’s just one thing you can do to maximize savings. You can still spend that gift card on other things such as Batman: Arkham Origins on Friday.

So which deal sounds the best to you? That gift card is great, but I’m a sucker for exclusive minifigures. I’m going to remain conflicted until I step out to buy this game tomorrow.

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