Top 5 most anticipated horror games

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Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and this year’s horror games will end up on our screens soon enough to prepare for the holiday. But, after Halloween has come and gone what is there left to play? Well, not long after there will be a slew of games coming out to scare the hell out of us long after the holiday is over.

burlap mask until dawn
Until Dawn (PS3)

Tentatively scheduled to come out later this year, Until Dawn is meant to give you the experience of those oh, so foolish teenagers in nearly every slasher film you have ever seen. You and your friends go to a cabin in the middle of the woods on the anniversary of your friend’s mysterious death. Of course, just as you’re about to make the moves on your crush things start going wrong. Using the first person view point, you’ll use guns and melee weapons to survive the night and save your friends. You’ll also be able to integrate the Playstation Move motion controls for more interactive scares as well. Hopefully, cliché teenage decision making is also available as well.

night zombies dying light
Dying Light (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)

I never would have expected another new zombie franchise would come on strong and seem refreshing, but Dying Light is proving me wrong. Dealing with hordes of zombies in an open world isn’t really anything new, but changing up the challenge when night time comes around adds a whole new level of tension. Facing off with faster and vicious infected at night creates higher tension other than mowing down or traversing your way through the undead. After watching the gameplay trailer of the main character running for his life Dying Light may offer some decent frights instead of mere tension.

deadly robot routine
Routine (Windows, Mac)

Out of every game on this list Routine is the one that looks the most promising and original. Routine takes place on a recently abandoned Moon base. You find it destroyed and abandoned, with your only company being a crazed humanoid robot looking to remove you. The game is still in its earliest stages, but even its recent alpha gameplay the game’s setting is tense and terror inducing. And having a meticulous killer robot hunting you down won’t make you feel any more comfortable, especially since it can also end in perma death. Lunar Software has no clear release date, yet for Routine, but we can expect some good techno scares and bring some sci-fi to horror games.

slaugter room the evil within
The Evil Within (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)

Ever since its been announced, The Evil Within, has been proving that the horror games godfather, Shinji Mikami, still knows how to scare the crap out of us. In an infusion of gameplay mechanics from nearly every horror game, The Evil Within, may give the action horror some decent scares. Dealing with masses of zombie like creatures, being chased down by a crazed butcher and facing off with one creepy blood born monster all come together in several fear-inducing settings ranging from a blood covered slaughter room to a creepy cabin in the woods. Hopefully, Mikami and The Evil Within can make a comeback in 2014 when it hits this and next generation’s consoles.

dark hallway daylight
Daylight (PS4, Windows)

While many of the horror games on this list have been focusing on a bit action and atmosphere to scare, Daylight offers some psychological frights. Coming to Windows and Playstation 4 next year, players will be taking the control of a woman who has recently woken up in an abandoned and haunted hospital. There is no access to weapons or items other than a cell phone. As your only light source you most find out what horrendous things have happened in this hospital in order to escape. Each setting is randomly generated offering a different fright every time. While more of the game has yet to be seen aside from a short trailer and a few screenshots we can expect more moments of pure survival horror from Daylight, other than just jump out moments and gore.

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