Sony now lets you buy PSN games from your Android or iOS devices

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SENThe Sony Entertainment Network Store is the web destination for accessing everything you can buy from Sony’s connected services. This includes the PlayStation Network, Music Unlimited and Movies Unlimited. It’s a convenient way to buy and cue up games, music and movies from a computer and it just got better with today’s improvements. You can now access the SEN store from your iOS and Android device by going to the store’s homepage. You still get access to all the content you normally would on a computer, but the pages have been optimized for mobile use.

Sony is doing this at just the right time since the PS4 is out in less than a month. Sony recognizes that people are going to be using their phones to more and more to make all kinds of purchases. It would be silly to restrict access to the Sony Entertainment Network store to hardware in the home.

Feel free to give this a shot right now. The PlayStation Store is freshly updated with a bunch of discounts for horror games. Hotline Miami is also free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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