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Even though the Ouya has been out since June 2013, it’s experienced a bumpy start. The store doesn’t have as many killer games and apps as people would have liked. It’s hard to find them in actual retail stores. Not to mention, some people did experience some interface and controller issues. There’s some good news though that might help with getting the $99 Android console a little more exposure. All Target stores will soon carry Ouyas.

That means 1,800 locations will have a permanent Ouya stand. While some Best Buy, GameStop, and Target stores had committed to carrying the console before, this will mark a huge leap forward. In addition, some of these Target stores will have Ouya demo stations in 2014, to let people test and see if the console is something they’d want and need to own.

Most importantly, I think having Ouyas in Targets means more savings for us. Already, Target has commited to having a special sale in November 2013. People who buy an Ouya will also get a $10 gift card they can use on games in the Ouya store. I wouldn’t be surprised if we even see occasional $10, or even $20, price drops over the next year.

While getting Ouyas in every Target is a step forward, I don’t think it will be a huge help. Ouya’s biggest problem right now is the lack of games. Especially since people may already own some of the games in the Ouya store on Google Play, but can’t transfer them over to the console since people would have to root the console to get Google Play on it. The Amazon App Store can be installed rather painlessly, but it’s a gamble as to whether or not the games you own will function properly on an Ouya. I mean, the controller problem is easily solved for any PS3 owner who connects their DualShock 3 to the Ouya, but you can’t get around having no compatible games.

Source [Polygon]

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