Target is having a buy two, get one free sale on PS4 games during launch week

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target ps4 ad

A poster on Reddit has managed to get their hands on an upcoming Target ad that shows a great deal on PS4 games. From November 10-16, Target will have a buy two, get one free sale on PS4 launch titles. The games cost $59.99 each, and you’ll only be able to choose three different games. Sorry, no multiples. Anyway, this is the best deal we’ve seen for next-generation games so far.

The games shown in the Target ad include Killzone: Shadow Fall, NBA 2K14, Knack, Madden 25, FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Battlefield 4. The first three games will be available on Friday, November 15. The last four games I mentioned will go on sale the previous Tuesday, November 12. The console itself will be available for $399 at Target when it opens at 8am on November 15.

It’s possible other retailers will try to have some deals of their own to attract customers. If we happen to come across any other leaked ads, we’ll be sure to let you know. So, those this make you want to cancel any pre-orders you have at other stores?

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