Muramasa Rebirth DLC is the best DLC

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muramasa rebirth dlc
The great thing about the Muramasa Rebirth wasn’t the fact that an incredible Vanillaware game could now be enjoyed by a larger audience, anywhere, with improved controls and on a gorgeous OLED screen. No, the best part about the port was the Muramasa Rebirth DLC. The original Wii game was supposed to be much longer than it was, and offer players multiple characters’ storylines to explore and pursue. I mean, it’s a Vanillaware tradition. But, it couldn’t get into the original game. And, while these extra tales weren’t in the base Vita game, they are coming to it as DLC. Which brings us today, in which Aksys announces it will bring all the DLC over and that the first Muramasa Rebirth DLC is Fishy Tales of the Nekomata.

The Fishy Tales of the Nekomata Muramasa Rebirth DLC sounds glorious. Players control Okoi, a cat youkai whose family is delivering a tea set to the shogun. She and Miike, her cat companion, set out on an adventure. Except there’s trouble afoot, as the Okoi’s chief retainer wants it as well, and is going out of his way to try and kill Okoi and take the tea set.

Fortunately, Okoi isn’t defenseless. She is a cat, after all, which means she has her claws to fight enemies. Not to mention, she also has some special youkai abilities. Like one that allows her and Miike to fuse together, transforming into a cat to fight enemies. Yes, you can be a cat. And one of your moves as a cat is to summon other cats. See why Muramasa Rebirth DLC is the best?

Well, that and the Muramasa Rebirth DLC is actually pretty huge. It’s like a full story on its own. There are at least three confirmed bosses so far, and once Fishy Tales of the Nekomata has been completed, players can send Okoi into something of a boss rush mode, fighting the main Muramasa Rebirth bosses.

Let’s wrap this up with a Muramasa Rebirth DLC trailer. I think you’d like that.

Fishy Tales of the Nekomata will be on our Vitas in 2014. Make sure you have Muramasa Rebirth on your system and some spare cash in your PlayStation Store wallet so you can enjoy it!

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