Best Buy Makes Major Changes to Gamers Club Unlocked

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best buy logoBest Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked is undergoing yet another metamorphosis, and it’s a pricey one. The new membership costs $119 for two years. Yes, that is $119 in American currency, folks. Benefits of the program include 20 percent off new games, two times the reward points on purchases and 10 percent off pre-owned games. Members can purchase three copies of each new game across any platform, such as two PS3 copies and one Xbox 360 copy. The program begins Nov. 10.

Current Gamers Club Unlocked members and those whose membership expired within six months of Nov. 15, 2013 will get a special coupon to extend their membership for two more years at $30. The magazine @Gamer and the coupons it usually contains will be discontinued in May 2014. Current members will keep getting it until then, it won’t be offered to anyone joining now. You can still sign up for an unpaid Gamers Club membership.

The initial fee is worth the price of two full games, and you’re still five purchases away from seeing any real benefit to this. You may be missing out on sales and promotions at other retailers, such as Target’s Buy 2, Get 1 Free for PS4 launch week. This is the most expensive reward program among gaming retailers by far.

I’m not sure who this is designed to appeal to. The gamer that buys more than 10 brand new games is going to shop around for the best deals. Sometimes that will be Best Buy, sometimes it may be Amazon or GameStop. The price is too steep for anybody that buys less than 10 games a year.  I will be amazed if this catches on. Also, brick-and-mortar stores aren’t doing well right now. What happens if Best Buy is no longer in business a year and a half from now? With a full slate of holiday games available, two new consoles on the market and Black Friday sales looming, will you be willing to drop $120 just to join a reward program?

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  • Werewolf Jr.

    This is a terrible idea. There is no one I can think of that would sign up for this. Did PS4 and XBOX ONE clear up the information on how consumers can play used games on the new systems yet? If not, that 10% off used games would be for nothing. There is nothing else to add beyond what this article states. I agree that this is an awful idea!

  • Brian Allen

    Werewolf, used games will work as they have before. If you buy it on disc, you’ll be able to trade it back in at the usual places. Still, $120 is a huge amount for a reward program. They want you locked in to buying your next five games at Best Buy.

  • Jeff

    I got the email for it to only cost $30 for me for two years. Those who already have it like me this will be huge because I will be seeing a huge savings right off the bat with all the ps4 and xbox one games I will be buying. I did the math and I will be saving around $80 JUST on launch day. I buy around 20 games a year so after 2 years I will have saved $210 considering I paid $30 up front to get it.

  • Jeff

    oops I forgot to multiply that number by two. That means I will actually be saving $450!!!

  • Brian Allen

    The $30 extension is far more reasonable. I had let mine lapse because I found myself shopping elsewhere for better deals. The coupons were hit and miss when last I subscribed as well.

    Or if they give an option where you could sign up for just one year, I’d be more likely to consider it.

  • NFSSonic1998

    I’ve been a RZ gamer since 2010, so I got the email with the coupon that lets you get the 2 years for only $30. Already received a free $10 coupon today. Although I bought a new game today at BB, but I didn’t get 20% off.