Knack’s Quest makes Knack better

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knacks questIs the PS4 wait absolutely killing you? Maybe a little. At the very least, I’m sure it’s getting to you when you’re hearing about games like Knack all the time. Fortunately, there’s a solution for people with iOS devices. Sony’s put out a free Knack game. It’s called Knack’s Quest and, while it has absolutely no gameplay elements in common with its PS4 big brother, it will enhance your console experience.

Of course, Knack’s Quest may put off some prospective players because it’s one of the most overused of all casual puzzle games. Yes, this is a match-3 adventure. It’s for a good cause though, I assure you. Players’ goal is to match symbols, which represent parts, to make Knack grow bigger and stronger. There are super moves that make clearing parts easier, and clearing the standard Chapter Mode unlocks an Endless Mode. If you’ve ever played a Bejeweled style game, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

Besides, Knack’s Quest will help you with Knack. By playing, you earn parts. Once you have a PS4 and the full game, you can send those from your iOS device to your system. Thus, Knack will be in a better starting place when you’re actually adventuring. Seems like that would make five or ten minutes of match-3 goodness worth it.

It’s not like it even costs you anything. Knack is a truly free-to-play game. Sony doesn’t want any money for this. It’s just a promotional game to get people interested and excited about a launch title. Unfortunately, Knack’s Quest is only available for iOS devices right now, and Sony hasn’t said anything about an Android port, so only a select number of future PS4 owners will be able to get a head start on Knack. (I’m so jealous.)

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  • Decapodian

    Shu said it’s coming to android soon