Xbox One Countdown: Dead Rising 3 is ready to double tap

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DEAD_RISING_3_thumbYou didn’t think you had escaped the zombies last console generation, now did you? If we have learned anything from our gaming experience, it’s that you never escape the zombie apocalypse. Dead Rising 3 marks the undead’s debut on Xbox One. It hopes to be familiar enough to please fans but offer enough new tricks to blow early adopters away.

It will run a native resolution of 720p, upscaled to 1080p just like the incredibly controversial Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s going at 30 frames per second. This was a concern after we saw early builds with inconsistent frame rates. Executive Producer Josh Bridge told IGN the current setup is the best for keeping combat smooth. Such are the pressures of being a launch title.

What previews have showed so far is a large number of zombies onscreen, and with a horror-themed game that’s every bit as important as the frame rate. There are some serious “oh crap, that is a lot of zombies” moments. During last week’s Xbox One showcase, Capcom Vancouver revealed that DR3 was originally targeting Xbox 360. After explaining to Microsoft that technical limitations were holding the project back, the publisher advised Capcom Vancouver to target the Xbox One.

The biggest change is the elimination of timed missions. Capcom’s zombie-filled sandbox has always been a fun one, but the first two games required us to run through it at a breakneck pace. Now we can take our time and smell the corpses. Players looking for more of a challenge can engage Nightmare difficulty, which requires the frequent saves these games have made famous.

It wouldn’t be a true Dead Rising game without some weird weapon combinations. Nick Ramos is a mechanic, and doesn’t require a workbench to make his weapons. He can put them together while fighting off the undead because he is just that awesome. Weapons aren’t the only thing he can combine. The Gamescom trailer revealed Ramos’ ability to combine vehicles, such as a steamroller and motorcycle. That unlikely combination yields the Rollerhawg. Players will also be able to combine various food items to create benefits ranging from a health bonus to the ability to breathe fire.

Taking things back to their roots, the Day One edition has a Tribute Pack. It will allow Nick to dress up as either Frank West or Chuck Greene. The West costume features his trademark baseball bat, while Chuck Greene gets a paddlesaw weapon.

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