Download your PS4 firmware now, have more gaming time later

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playstation ps4 launch bundleIt is a truth universally acknowledged, that a gamer in possession of a new console is going to need to download a day one firmware update. That’s just how it goes nowadays. It happened with the Wii U, and it’s going to happen with the PS4 and Xbox One. Fortunately, prospective PS4 owners won’t have to waste their time actually downloading the PS4 firmware update on November 15, 2013. They can get it now.

Sony has a long standing practice of allowing people to update consoles and handhelds either by downloading the update directly to their systems, or by downloading it to a computer and then sending the firmware update data to the systems, either via a cable or USB drive. A quick check over at the PlayStation Support site shows this method not only applies to the PS4, but the first PS4 firmware update is already available to download.

Which means you can save yourself some time on launch day. The PS4 firmware is 859MB. All you need to do is make a folder on your PC called PS4, with a folder called UPDATE inside of it. Download the PS4 firmware file from the official site, and place it in the UPDATE folder. Then, when you have your PS4, grab a USB flash drive, drag and drop the PS4 folder to it, and insert the flash drive in the PS4. Hold your PS4’s power button for 7 seconds, choose the Update System Software option, and you’re set.

I know, this seems unnecessary. You can get the PS4 firmware update normally on November 15, if you’d like. However, I’ve found that getting firmware for new consoles on launch days is excruciating. Everyone’s exciting and downloading it at once, which can significantly impact the download time. To compare, it only took me about 6 minutes to get the PS4 firmware update data right now, downloading it with a internet connection of 15mbps.

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    The download size indicates it’s 307MB not 895MB as you list in your story.

    • Jenni Lada

      I have the PS4 firmware file on my computer right now, PS4UPDATE.PDP. It says its 880,026KB in internet explorer, and said it was 895MB in Firefox when I was downloading it. Download for yourself and see.