The PlayStation app arrives just in time for PS4 launch

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playstation app With just a couple days to go before the PS4 launch, Sony has released the new PlayStation app for iOS and Android. The PlayStation App is designed to keep you connected with the PlayStation Network wherever you go. You’ll be able to check your PSN messages, check out any game invitations, chat with friends and access the PlayStation Store. Purchases made from the PlayStation Store can also be pushed to your PS4, so you don’t need to be near your console to download a game. 

The PlayStation Store link takes you to the mobile page in your web browser. A store designed specifically for the app would have been preferred, but these are still the early days after all. Another neat feature of the app is its second screen capabilities. Certain PS4 software titles will support dual-screen functionality. One instance of this is using the smartphone or tablet as a keyboard for the PS4.

All things considered, this app is pretty simplistic. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. We can’t test out the full functionality of the app until the PS4 arrives. Still, it’s good to have this app at the ready so you’ll never be out of the loop in regards to what your friends are doing online.

Download Links [iTunes] [Google Play]

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