TechnologyTell DRM-Free Fall Insomnia Sale Stuck on Jack Keane 2

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0 fall insomnia sale jack keane 2’s fall sale concept was sound. Offer up limited quantities of games for ridiculous prices, occasionally interspercing 10-40 free copies of games up in between. People could rush in and try to get a fantastic deal. Thus, the DRM-Free Fall Insomnia Sale was born. 101 games would be put on sale or given away on the front page. When they’d run out, the sale would be done. It started November 13, 2013, and went about the way you’d expect.

Which means, games were selling out in minutes. And for good reason, too. was dropping prices up to 80%, and it seemed like free games were coming up fairly often. As I watched earlier today, I saw Theme Hospital (Windows, Mac), Lucius (Windows), Master of Orion 1+2 (Windows, Mac), and Evoland (Windows, Mac) all appear free for a matter of moments, before being claimed. Games were selling out, the site was getting overloaded, and after grabbing Jade Empire (Windows) during one of those deals, it took me much longer than usual to download because of the demand.

Then, Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within hit. The Windows point-and-click adventure has brought the DRM-Free Fall Insomnia Sale to a halt. As of this posting, Jack Keane 2 has been the featured game for over two hours. In the 15 minutes its taken to write this article, a grand total of 5 copies have been sold for $11.99, 60% off the normal $29.99. There is no past. There is no future. There is only Jack Keane.

Which has lead to some truly hysterical reactions from the community. People have taken to the Jack Keane 2 product page to spam it with false, 5 star reviews, in an attempt to trick people into purchasing a game that has a 69 average score on Metacritic. People are voicing their displeasure at the Twitter account. People have united against Jack Keane 2, and while it isn’t pretty, it is hilarious.

Simply put, the DRM-Free Fall Insomnia Sale is not proceeding as planned. Clearly, drastic measures must be taken. Perhaps the internet should take up a collection to buy the last 28 games. Maybe should just give the remainder away for free. Let’s just hope that lessons have been learned, and that we’ll never see Jack Keane 2 again after this ordeal.

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