Xbox Live Update for the week of November 13, 2013

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xbox_live_weekly_update_image13First up in the Xbox Live Arcade is The Bridge. I love that show! It has so much to say about America’s issues regarding immigration, – wait, what’s that? It is not based on the FX crime drama? Ah, it turns out The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle game challenging players through physics and perspective. Playing through the main storyline unlocks alternate versions of the game’s 24 primary puzzles. The Bridge is $9.99.

Contrast has gotten a lot of press as the replacement for Driveclub in the PlayStation Plus Instant Collection. But the Xbox Live Arcade is getting it too. It tells the story of Didi, a young girl with a troubled family. Her closest ally is Dawn, an imaginary friend who turns out to be quite real. The player will control this character, who can move back and forth between 2D and 3D to solve puzzles. Contrast is $14.99.


Hey, yo. It’s survey time, WWE 2K14 fans. We just want to know if you’re for the New World Order DLC now available. The stable that revolutionized wrestling is ready to try and bring the WWE to its knees one more time. This DLC includes The Giant, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Macho Man Randy Savage, Syxx, Curt Hennig and Scott Steiner. Also available is the Accelerator DLC that will unlock all items and customizable attributes. This package is $9, or free for Season Pass holders.

Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC gives us the best of two worlds: Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth appear in Rapture, Andrew Ryan’s underwater attempt at Utopia. How does all this craziness happen? With Bioshock, the answer is likely to blow our minds.

The Xbox One is but a week away, and Microsoft has confirmed Games with Gold will appear on the One as well. It won’t happen at launch, obviously. Microsoft says more details are coming in 2014. The Xbox 360 is still a great entertainment value too. Need further proof? Double Fine’s excellent strategy game Iron Brigade is free to download starting Nov. 16.

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