Black Friday 2013: The Big List of Store Openings

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south park black friday 2013
As you know, we’ve been keeping track of the gamer-relevant Black Friday 2013 sales here at GamerTell. You know, making sure everyone knows what’s coming up. Keeping people prepared, so when the sales begin, you’ll know where to go and when.

Still, with all of those stores, it may be difficult to remember the details. You may know that you want to go to Target, GameStop, and Meijer, but not know which one will be open when so you can properly plan a shopping trip. Which is why GamerTell has prepared a massive Black Friday 2013 Store Openings List. All of the store opening times and dates are here, so you can see it’d be best to go to Meijer first, then Target, and end the trip at GameStop.

We’ll have our Black Friday 2013 store opening lists divided into days, since so many stores have decided Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day are one in the same this year. Note that Kmart and Meijer will not be open all night on Thanksgiving Day, so I’ve noted when they’ll reopen on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013

  • 6am: Kmart and Meijer open.
  • 5pm: Toys R Us opens.
  • 6pm: Best Buy and Walmart open.
  • 8pm: Target opens.

Black Friday, November 29, 2013

  • 12am: GameStop opens.
  • 6am: Kmart and Meijer open.
  • 7am: Half Price Books and Sam’s Club open.
  • 8am: Radio Shack opens.
  • 9am: Costco opens.

Of course, if you decide to stay home, you don’t have to worry about store openings and fighting the crowd on Black Friday. You can always sit at home, enjoying the company of loved ones, and occasionally stopping by a store’s website or Amazon instead.

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