Girl’s Fashion Shoot Review: Lights, Camera, Dress up

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girls fashion shoot

Title: Girl’s Fashion Shoot
Price: $29.99
System(s): 3DS
Release Date: November 14, 2013
Publisher (Developer): Rising Star Games (Alchemist)
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”

You never outgrow playing dress up. You may claim to, and put the various dolls from your childhood away, but that’s a farce. You really just move onto dressing yourself up. Or, if you’re a gamer, “equipping” your various avatars. Girls’ Fashion Shoot lets you return to that shamelessly fun time of your life when it was all about making characters look as pretty or ridiculous as possible. You get a character, which you can completely customize, and then are sent off to become a famous model and editor for Rising Star Magazine.

“Magnum”? “Blue Steel”? Or maybe “Bunny”?

girls fashion shootGirl’s Fashion Shoot begins with a setup that girls of all ages have dreamed of, every time they see one of those hoax ads that calls for fresh faces to join the modeling industry. Rising Star Magazine is holding an audition to find new models for its agency, and the player feels compelled to take a shot. After grabbing an appropriate outfit from a robust starting wardrobe, the contents of which vary depending on your initial profile answers, you’re off to take a headshot with a photographer. The photo is sent in and, surprise! You’re now a Rising Star Magazine model.

But wait, there’s more! (Cheesy, yes, but I couldn’t resist.) The editors at Rising Star Magazine have seen something in you. There is inner talent. You know exactly what people would want to see. So you’re not only going to be a model, you’re also going to be picking out your own attire from a predetermined wardrobe for each shoot and laying out its central image. This means you dress yourself, determine your pose and facial expression, decide which of four photos from a shoot to use in the layout, and then actually put together the image for the article.

Each month, you get five assignments from Rising Star Magazine in Girl’s Fashion Shoot. You also have access to a Nail Salon, Store, Hair Salon, Photographer, and poise studio for poses in town. Money earned from jobs, which increases as your fame rises, can be spent on these supplemental extras. Be sure to save some for clothes though, as that’s most important. In addition to your jobs with the magazines, there will be audition opportunities to appear in rock videos, on TV shows, in commercials, and other ad campaigns, and you’ll need to tap into your own wardrobe and pay for your own pictures to audition for those.

The price of fame.

girls fashion shoot 2aFortunately, those living the model life in Girl’s Fashion Shoot don’t have to worry about any of the pratfalls of real-life modeling. So long as someone meets the right outfit criteria for each shoot, they’ll get the maximum payout for Rising Star Magazine assignments and win those $100,000 audition gigs. Each assignment will task people with preparing a certain look. Maybe one color needs to be worn. Perhaps it has to be a Tomboy look with a Rock edge. One assignment may ask for a sweet and romantic outfit with a dotted skirt. The only time there’s even a remote chance of failing is with a free audition, since that uses the player’s collected closet of clothing. If its a magazine assignment, a player can’t fail.

All he or she has to do is tap to go to the wardrobe search function, when dressing up. All clothing items have tags associated with them, describing the style, color, and pattern. Filter out the ones that don’t meet the assignment’s needs, and what’s left will score you a win. To earn the extra bonus for each job, just be sure to add a deco-frame and two or three deco-parts to the final layout, and you’re set. You have a perfect article combination.

Of course, even if you’re going wrong, you’ll know. At least, for Girl’s Fashion Shoot‘s magazine articles you will. The editor will talk to you after you’ve put together an outfit and will flat out tell you if it’s perfect or not. If it’s lacking, you can go back and adjust it until it fills every need.

girls fashion shoot
There are plenty of clothing options, sometimes hilarious poses, facial expressions, and decorative parts to give players enough ideas to make each shoot unique. However, Girl’s Fashion Shoot really excels when you decide to get “creative.” Sometimes, the most outlandish and strange outfits can be the ones that win you a job and make you more famous, while also providing the most joy. Take the picture I’ve shared above. This shoot only required an animal hooded parka to be worn. I added a stuffed bear and punkish outfit to turn it into a masterpiece.

Though, I did find one major problem with Girl’s Fashion Shoot. The various icons, buttons and deco-parts can be quite small. Even with a 3DS XL, it can sometimes be difficult to see what to hit, or where an item is to place on the layout page. I only stumbled across the closet search function by accident, as I hit one button when I meant to hit another to rotate my model. As such, I could see it being terribly difficult to play on a standard 3DS or 2DS.

Also, Girl’s Fashion Shoot could be tedious for some people. Honestly, I felt compelled to play and started getting into a mindset where I had to do one more ridiculous shoot. But others may find themselves wanting for variety. While the magazine assignments do gradually become more demanding, they’re always very easy. Not to mention there isn’t much to do, once a sizable personal wardrobe has been assembled.

girls fashion shoot

Guaranteed stardom with Girl’s Fashion Shoot

While it may not possess the sense of depth or progression found in the sublime Style Savvy Trendsetters, Girl’s Fashion Shoot provides a more than adequate opportunity to become the best, most adorable, virtual fashionista you can be. Though many of the icons and accessories are quite tiny, and thus difficult to see, on a standard 3DS, those with a 3DS XL will have no problem poring over the minutae and creating fantastic fashion spreads. It’s simply, yet surprisingly adorable, and more than one time I found myself playing into the night, trying to do just one more layout. Just one more, really. It’s all I need.

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