Why aren’t you playing Warframe for PS4?

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Since the PS4’s launch, I’ve seen and heard many opinions on games such as Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun. When I tune into the Live from PlayStation app, the majority of streams are either focusing on these games or CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 or NBA 2K14. The one game that doesn’t seem to be getting much attention is Warframe. Warframe is one of a few free-to-play launch titles for PS4. It didn’t get a lot of promotion for its PS4 arrival, so this may explain why it seems to fly under the radar. If you want to play a third-person team-based shooter with a sci-fi twist, you have to give Warframe a try.

When I first played Warframe during the PC beta, I described it as an enhanced version of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode. The entire game is cooperative with up to four players that take on specific objectives throughout the solar system. Some examples of missions include killing every enemy on the level, capturing an enemy for extraction, defending a specific point and rescuing an ally. Each character possesses their own Warframe which is a customizable exoskeleton that makes everyone look like a space ninja. Warframes specialize in different types of abilities. For example, Loki is more stealthy, Excalibur is a jack of all trades and Mag is a master of magnetism. That’s only three examples, but there are a bunch of Warframes available.

Combat is a mixture of shooting, melee attacks and acrobatics. It’s very common to see a teammate dash past you, run along a wall, flip behind an enemy and cut them in half with a sword. I find these techniques to be a welcome change from standard cover-based shooting. The special powers each Warframe possesses also keeps things interesting and strategic. Find yourself staring down a bunch of enemies at once? The Warframe Volt and create an electrical shield for impromptu cover while Mag unleashes a devastating Crush attack on the crowd. This sense of cooperation makes every player feel like they have an important role to play. Your team depends on you, and you depend on them.

Free-to-play games tend to carry a negative stigma, so it’s important to talk about the free-to-play aspects of this game. I know I would not begin to invest my time in a F2P game if I knew progression would be serious hindered if I didn’t pay up. Warframe isn’t like that. There’s nothing in place that will stop you from playing for as long as you want. Completing a level will open up the next one instantly. There’s no lame stamina meter for jumping into levels. The difficulty also doesn’t become too overwhelming as long as you’re playing with other people. If you try to go it alone, you’ll only make it so far before you get overwhelmed by enemy numbers. You’ll need someone else there to take the heat off you.

Timers are present in Warframe, but only when it comes to crafting. Any weapon or accessory you build will require a certain amount of time to finish. The first new sword I made took 12 hours to construct. I think these are waiting periods are a bit much and are certainly designed to make you buy Platinum in order to speed things up. Platinum doesn’t come cheap either.

The cheapest bundle of Platinum costs $5 for 75 Platinum. The most expensive option is $150 for 3210 Platinum and some mods. 75 Platinum is enough to purchase one basic Warframe or a Sentinels (which are basically pets). If you want to purchase the many weapons the game has, you’ll be looking to spend hundreds of Platinum. Alternatively, you can buy the blueprints of some weapons with non-premium credits, search for the proper crafting materials and up your arsenal that way. Does this method take longer? Yes, but it’s better than locking all the good stuff behind a pay wall. I wouldn’t mind throwing some bucks at Warframe as a show of gratitude to the developers. I’ve played many hours of this game and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. I think that’s worth something.

I think Warframe is a great game that deserves more attention from the PS4 crowd. There aren’t too many games available right now, so now is the perfect chance to take this game for a spin.

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    Great game for sci fi gamers