GamerTell’s 2013 Xbox 360 Gift Guide

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It’s holiday shopping season, and according to the Christmas trees I started seeing before Halloween, must have been for some time. Yes, the Xbox One just dropped, but Microsoft has no plans to abandon the Xbox 360 just yet. Some of the best games come late in a console’s life. The Xbox 360 had some fine offerings this year, and it’s time to look at some games your friends and loved ones will enjoy.


WWE 2K14

Price: $59.99

ESRB Rating: Teen

Genre: Sports

What’s It About: The latest installment in the bestselling wrestling simulation series, and the first under the banner of publisher 2K Sports.

Who’d want it: Gamers who count themselves among the millions – and by God, millions of The Rock’s fans. 30 Years of Wrestlemania features enough legendary wrestlers to make “Mean Gene” Okerlund himself proud.

xcom-enemy-within-thumbXCOM: Enemy Within

Price: $39.99

ESRB Rating:Mature

Genre: Strategy

What’s it about?: Hello, commander. The alien menace has returned to wipe out humanity. Players will have to defeat the aliens, capture their technology and ferret out traitors in the ranks of humanity. It’s a expanded version of one of the best games of 2012.

Who’d want it?: Gamers still trying to solo their way through maps on Impossible difficulty in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

ZatannaInjustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

Price: $59.99

ESRB Rating: Teen

Genre: Fighting

What’s it about: What if Superman decided our world was a mess, and he just needed to rule it? And what if at least a few of the heroes followed him? There would be superpowered fisticuffs the likes of which we haven’t seen – since the last big comic book crossover.

Who’d want it? Gamers who love fighting for truth, justice and a 20-hit combo.

NBA 2k14


NBA 2K14

Price: $59.99

ESRB Rating: E

Genre: Sports

What’s it about: The latest installment in 2K Sports’ best in class basketball sim. NBA Live is back, but do not let anyone trick you in buying that instead. NBA 2K14 is the choice for basketball lovers, and one of the best sports games overall.

Who’d want it?: Players that love taking their talents to South Beach. If you have a basketball fan in your house that doesn’t have this already, they will love you for this and be playing all year.


Bioshock Infinite

Price: $39.99

ESRB Rating: Mature

Genre: Shooter/Adventure

What’s it about?: A Utopian community in the sky has gone wrong, and it’s up to Booker DeWitt to figure out what’s happening. Helping him is Elizabeth, a girl with mysterious powers. Descriptions really don’t do this one justice, though.

Who’d want it?: Fans of the original Bioshock, or anyone who likes story-driven shooters.



Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Price: $14.99

ESRB Rating: Teen

Genre: Action

What’s it about: Some thieves bust out of prison and pickup right where they left off. Each character in this game has a “particular set of skills” that makes them really good at crime. It’s best played with three friends in multiplayer, all using their skill set to full potential.

Who’d want it?: If anybody in your house owns the collector’s edition of “Ocean’s Eleven,” this is probably their game.




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