Pokemon Bank FAQS answer almost all of your questions

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pokemon bank
The Pokemon Bank is coming. Everyone knows it. Nintendo says it should be along in December 2013, so Pokemon X and Y can become the ultimate repositories of all our best Pokemon. Still, this is a very new idea. Cloud based Pokemon storage has never been attempted before, and people likely have questions. Questions that Nintendo is mostly ready to answer via the just updated Pokemon X and Y website.

The Pokemon Bank eShop program will contain two applications, the Pokemon Bank and the Poke Transporter. The Pokemon Bank will work with Pokemon X, Y, and presumably all future Pokemon installments, as it allows deposits and withdrawls. The Poke Transporter only works with Pokemon Black, White, Black Version 2, and White Version 2, as it is a one-way process that can only transport Pokemon into the cloud.

Each Pokemon Bank account gets 100 boxes, each of which can hold 30 Pokemon, which means a total of 3,000 Pokemon can be stored. These stored Pokemon can not hold any items while in storage, and moving them in and out of the Pokemon Bank will not trigger any trade evolutions. The Pokemon Bank will also allow you to search stored Pokemon, and move as many as you want at a time. Transfers can be made between Pokemon X and Y and your account as long as you’ve passed the point, story-wise, where you’ve acquired a Pokedex.

Pokemon Bank will cost users money to store Pokemon in the cloud. To be exact, it will be $4.99 per year. Nintendo hasn’t said what will happen to your Pokemon if you allow that subscription to lapse. After the program launches on the eShop, people can download and get a 30-day trial period so long as they use it before January 31, 2014. The free trial opportunity will end on February 1, 2014.

Also, Nintendo has said that it will have checks in place to keep unauthorized, hacked Pokemon from being uploaded to the Pokemon Bank. So if you’re a cheater, don’t bother trying to upload your Pokemon to the cloud. It isn’t going to happen.

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