Save Time for Animal Crossing’s Harvest Festival

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Go grab your 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf ! You’ve got work to do, before you can go enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. Or, you could do it after the meal, while you digest. You’ll make it work.

See, almost every Animal Crossing game has a Harvest Festival. It, coincidentally, falls on Thanksgiving Day and has Franklin the Turkey as a special guest. In previous games, that meant players would spend a brief amount of time stealing eating utensils from villagers and giving them to a hiding Franklin so he could safely get through the holiday. He’d give away Harvest Furniture for your trouble. Things have changed a bit for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so here’s what you’ll need to do this year.

This Harvest Festival, Franklin is actually a chef and doesn’t have to worry about being eaten. Which is good, because that was a little morbid. He is preparing a four course meal for your town, but needs help getting the ingredients for each one. So, he’ll ask players to help out. That means you have to get between three and four ingredients to make a salad, soup, main course, and dessert. After each dish is finished, you get a piece from the Harvest Furniture Series, a cornucopia, or a fruit basket. Since the Harvest Furniture has been on sale in the Nooklings’ store on Main Street for the entirety of November, that means completionists will really only have to be Franklin’s minion until they get the cornucopia and fruit basket.

Franklin will ask for three main ingredients and an optional secret ingredient. Most of the ingredients will be items you can find in your own town, like fruits, mushrooms (which have been growing under the trees throughout November), fish, beehives, and undersea creatures people can dive for. The items that aren’t are things like vinegar, milk, butter, wheat flour, and sugar. To get these items, you’ll have to visit the villagers around town. They “might” have the ingredient you need. You won’t know unless you catch a fish for them in exchange. The fish they ask for will always be one that could immediately be caught in the river or ocean.

It’s a rather tedious affair, especially since people aren’t guaranteed a cornucopia or fruit basket, but it least there’s a little something special for Animal Crossing: New Leaf players to do this holiday season. Personally, I miss hunting Franklin down and giving him silverware. His reactions to them were priceless. Plus, the situation was darkly hilarious! But, all things change and at least this variation of the Harvest Festival celebration is a little more interactive.

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