Cyber Monday 2013: Toys R Us’ online sales have begun

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cyber monday ps3Congratulations! You’ve survived Black Friday! That’s the first level of the holiday gauntlet, which means next is Cyber Monday. Fortunately, the Cyber Monday rush is much easier to survive, because the only inconvenience there is one of your favorite shopping websites loading a little slower than usual. Toys R Us is kicking Cyber Monday off right away, by declaring November 30-December 2, 2013 Cyber Week. The official website has its array of deals, and you can decide if they’re worth it or not.

Since Cyber Monday sales are harder to chronicle, what with Toys R Us’ website being huge, here’s how this will work. I will have a bullet point list here with links to each of the store’s sale sections. Then, you can click the sale that interests you and immediately have it open in a new window for easy shopping.

Here are your Toys R Us Cyber Monday gaming deals.

If you need a cheap tablet, maybe check the Toys R Us website as well. This weekend there are a number of them on sale as well.

Site [Toys R Us]

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