McDonalds making it One Hot Holiday with Xbox Ones

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mcdonalds xbox one one hot holidayYou’re probably recovering after stuffing yourself with questionable Taco Bell in the hopes of winning an early PS4. Seems like a good time to start filling up on Quarter Pounders at McDonalds in the hopes of winning a Xbox One. Yes, the stomach pains start anon, as One Hot Holiday begins December 3, 2013. (In case you didn’t catch that, it’s a pretty terrible pun.)

McDonalds’ One Hot Holiday goes like this. People buy a Quarter Pounder, Quarter Pounder Classic, Premium McWrap, or Medium Fries and get a game piece. You can also mail in to have a game piece sent to you, but that’s going to get tedious. You then can check the piece to see if you’ve won a Xbox One prize pack, or one of a ton of other prizes. There’s lots to go around, but odds are you’ll get a Digital HD, Xbox Video of a Fox TV show or a copy of The Maw or Ms. Splosion Man for your Xbox 360.

Even though the contest hasn’t started yet, the One Hot Holiday website is online and so is the prize list. People who enter will most likely get an episode of the Enlisted pilot, Raising Hope‘s “Deja Vu Man”, Bones‘ “The Cheat in the Retreat”, The Maw, or Ms. Splosion Man. The next most likely rewards are Aqua, for the Xbox 360, or one month of Xbox Live Gold. The really “good” prizes are much hardder to get, like a Xbox Video copy of The Wolverine or one month of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Music. Only 14,000 Xbox Ones, with Forza 5, will be given away.

Which means if you really want that free Xbox One from McDonalds, you’re going to have to endure a lot of stomach cramps. On the plus side, the odds of getting it are one in 10,001, so there’s a really good chance a McDonalds in your immediate vicinity could have one of the winning One Hot Holiday game pieces.

Site [One Hot Holiday]

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  • http://Facebook Antonio

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  • http://rhahwuiahrfwie nicole

    I want to get this oppertotede to get the xboxone and please can I have it please please please

  • samantha

    I am going to put it in my room
    My xbox 360

  • Jordan Peterson

    I rarely eat at McDonalds and didn’t even know about this contest, but on a walk the other night I stopped in my local McDonalds, pretty much to warm up and mess around with my phone. I wasn’t even hungry but I ordered the mcnugget meal to snack on while I hung around and I won the Xbox One and Forza 5 game off the game piece on my fries!

  • Mia

    Doubt your story very much since game pieces just started to be handed out yesterday.

  • Mona

    can’t get on the site to put in the code

  • Joe Gilliam

    We rilly need it because I have four kids!!!

  • Joe Gilliam

    Can I have one plese plese

  • wanda davis

    need for the grandchildren they r special



  • josephine geeter

    thank you

  • Will

    I need more games

  • Alpha Wulf 666

    I won The Maw arcade game a month ago and still haven’t gotten email with activation code.Got ripped off