Cyber Monday: has PlayStation Plus for $30

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playstation plusOne of the best deals this shopping weekend has been the PlayStation Plus offer. PlayStation Plus is the the only video game subscription service worth owning, as it gives PS3, PS4, and Vita owners free games every month. It’s also required to play PS4 games online, but still. For $49.99 a year, you’re easily getting something that’s worth two or even three times its value in downloads. It got even better over Black Friday, as it was marked down to $29.99 per year for the biggest sale day of the year. So many people bought subscriptions, it brought down the PlayStation Network.

The PlayStation Plus deal went so fast, some people were left out. Since it was initially advertised as a Black Friday promotion, hearts were likely broken. Until now. Dry those tears and rejoice in a Cyber Monday miracle! The $30 PlayStation Plus subscription is back! is currently selling codes for $29.99 each. You can order up to two subscriptions, which you can then enjoy on your applicable Sony system.

However, I would act quickly if you’re interested. These PlayStation Plus subscriptions tend to sell out, since they’re 40% off of the normal price and people recognize what a great deal it is. Nobody’s price matching right now, and there’s no telling if Dell is only selling a certain number of PlayStation Plus subscriptions at that price, so grab at that golden ring and run with it. (Yes, that was a Sonic reference. Good for you if you caught it!)

If you do get it, redeem it immediately! If you do, you can grab BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien before the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. Tuesday will bring with it free GRID 2 for PS3 owners, as well as the first week of a holiday sale. That’s in addition, of course, to all the games that are already part of the current Instant Game Collection.

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