The Starbound beta is nigh

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People in love with open world exploration games are going to go crazy. They’ll just disappear, and you won’t hear from them for a few weeks. That’s because Starbound beta is here. Chucklefish has released the game to anyone who’s willing to kick in the $14.99 for it, and these people will not only have access to the game, buy also be able to provide valuable input to shape the adventure.

If you’re a Terraria and Minecraft fanatic, you probably already know everything about Starbound, but here’s a refresher for everyone who hasn’t heard of it before. This is basically Terraria in space. Players create a custom character, and then find themselves in a ship escaping their just destroyed planet. You crash land on another, and from there can do whatever you want. You can explore the planet you’re on, encountering natives, finding pets, meeting NPCs, and building a settlement. You can get a ship together and explore other planets, and even work together with friends to explore your the universe.

It’s just a huge game. Especially since there are more items, monsters, and equipment options in Starbound than in similar games. The multiplayer is supposedly better implemented than Terraria‘s as well. Not to mention the inclusion of an actual story and quests, which flesh out the solo experience.

Just remember if you do buy Starbound that this is a beta. There will be bugs and issues, but Chucklefish is listening and will be ready to step up and offer any kind of assistance and fix. Not to mention, constant updates have been promised. I’d say it’s worth taking a risk and investing now, because it looks like the game has potential. You might want to wait a few weeks until the Steam Winter Sale though, in case the beta gets a small discount.

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