Play Dino Run: Enter Planet D, fund Dino Run 2

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I know I just talked to you about that Mansion Lord Kickstarter and how we needed to fund that and make it happen, and I don’t like to overload you with these kinds of projects, but there’s one more that’s coming close to being a tragedy. The Dino Run 2 Kickstarter isn’t going well. It ends December 5, 2013, and the goal was to help Pixeljam Games make $175,000 to get it made. As of 12:30pm CST on December 4, the company has only raised just over $65,000.

Yes, it’s looking like the Dino Run sequel, which would have added randomly generated levels, single and multiplayer campaigns, more dinosaur variations, extra hats and different customization options, different eras to race through, and would have put the game on Windows, Mac, Linux, Ouya, iOS, and Android. Dino Run 2 would have taken the game we loved six years ago, and made it even bigger and better than before.

Except it probably isn’t going to happen now. Not unless a lot of people suddenly get generous.

Which is where the gamers of the internet come in, to possibly save the day. Pixeljam has released a free, online game called Dino Run: Escape Planet D. It’s a pretty accurate representation of the original Dino Run, only players start with an already upgraded dino and an assortment of hats, to make escaping that asteroid a little easier and give a better idea of what the game is about. If you enjoy what you’ve played, maybe head back to the Kickstarter page to help Dino Run 2 get made. The minimum, $10 pledge will get you the Windows, Mac, or Ouya version of the game if it happens.

At the very least, consider checking out Dino Run: Escape Planet D. It’s a wonderfully fun timesink and might just brighten your day.

Site [Dino Run: Escape Planet D] Site [Dino Run 2 on Kickstarter]

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