Microsoft is working on a fix for Xbox One party problems

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xbox-one-consoleNew technology always has a few kinks to work out. The Xbox One‘s new party system is off to a rocky start, and Microsoft wants us to know they have heard the complaints. Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb posted on Reddit that “things will get better,” although he could not give a timeline. There’s a community site called Xbox Feedback that allows users to make suggestions on improving the Xbox One experience. It’s great to see Microsoft listening to its customers, but you know this is not the kind of publicity they want at launch.

Xbox One problems so far have included connecting to party chat, a confusing system for multiplayer invites and problems joining games while in a party. The app invites everyone in the chat to play each game launched. It’s both confusing and annoying. Combined with reports of faulty disc drives, these issues are giving plenty of consumers reason to wait before diving into this next console generation.

As Microsoft rolls out several new Xbox One features, some of the most enjoyable things about the Xbox 360 experience are needlessly complex on the Xbox One. Finding your Xbox Achievements used to be a simple process, now it requires a pretty lengthy loading time that distracts from the experience. Setting up profiles for my other family members took so long they just went back to playing the PS4, where those separate profiles are as easy as they were last gen.

As I opined last month, it’s as if Microsoft wants you to use Kinect so badly they’ve made it the best way to run the interface by default. Several users are drawing comparisons to the Windows 8 interface, which wasn’t well received at launch either.

I get paid to monitor the progress of these machines, but I don’t blame anyone who waits a few months until bugs are fixed and games are more plentiful.

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