PSN will be down on December 9, 2013

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psn outage maintenance
Make offline gaming or real life, outside plans for your free time on December 9, 2013, because you won’t be using the PlayStation Network. PSN will be down for maintenance. Sony has to do a little maintenance, and has sent up an alarm beacon to let people know ahead of time. That way, you can make other plans.

The PSN outage was announced on PlayStation Europe’s Twitter, but affects all regions. It will start at 4pm GMT, which is 11am EST/10am CST/8am PST here in the US. It will last approximately eight hours, which means everything should be back up and running at 12:00am GMT, or 7pm EST/6pm CST/4pm PST. It shouldn’t be too inconvenient, unless someone’s living in Europe.

When there’s PSN maintenance, it means there’s definitely no PlayStation Store access. However, in some cases of PSN outage, people can still play online multiplayer games as long as they’ve signed into the network a day or two before. Also, services like Netflix should function normally. Still, it would probably be a good idea to just make offline plans. That way, you won’t get frustrated by attempting to do something, and then finding you can’t.

And don’t worry about the prospect of PSN going down. This is maintenance Sony is initiating, and not some random outage. The company knows what they’re doing and, in the very worst case scenario, it’ll probably only be down a few hours longer than expected. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even to help make the network better for all those holiday PS4 purchases. Better to have a brief outage now, then to have an extended, unexplained outage around Christmas when everyone is on vacation and expecting to enjoy a new console with family and friends. It just makes a lot more sense.

Source [PlayStation Europe on Twitter]

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  • bekkie

    not very good ive not been able to get on all night… and dont forget this is not a free service so do we get down time added on to our accounts !!

    • Jenni Lada

      Actually, the PlayStation Network is a free service for the PS3, Vita, and PSP. Only PS4 owners need PlayStation Plus to enjoy online multiplayer. I think you’re mistaking PSN with Xbox Live.

  • Who dat ninja

    No Jenni, if you have to pay to play online with your PS4 then obviously it is NOT a free service to a great many people.

    • Jenni Lada

      There are more PS3, PSP, and Vita owners than there are PS4 owners at the moment, so for the majority it is a free service. Also, PS4 owners should still be able to use media apps, like Netflix, even during maintenance.

      Besides, the network is only down for maintenance so Sony can make it better. Microsoft does the same thing with Xbox Live. A few hours isn’t that big of a deal.

  • Who dat ninja

    A paid service unavailable to people who PAY FOR IT is not free. This is not semantics. You’re arguing because people use systems and don’t pay for the online login then it’s free. Some people do, so it is not free. In fact because so much of the ps4 is cloud based a lot of things are unavailable. You can’t even look at your trophies as the info is not stored on your device. Your purchased videos and music service are not available because they are not stored on the device. No one is arguing against the merits of running this retooling, just your bizarre argument. If you are PAYING for the service regardless of what other people are using to access it for free, then it is NOT FREE.

    • Jenni Lada

      Media purchased from the PlayStation Store must be downloaded to a console to be viewed, so they are available. And all media services, such as Netflix, do not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

      And all I said was that for the majority of the Sony gaming population, PlayStation Network services are free. I didn’t say it was all, totally, 100% free for everyone. The 2.1 million PS4 owners out there who have purchased systems do have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play video games online. However, the over 70 million PS3 owners (not counting Vita owners) don’t. So by comparison, the PS4 owners aren’t really considered a “great many people” just yet.

  • Who dat ninja

    MEDIA DOES NOT DOWNLOAD TO PS4. Get your facts together. YOU STREAM ALL VIDEO PURCHAES USING THE VIDEO UNLIMITED APP. PS4 users pay for the service, therefore it is a paid service. Are you just putting us on, or do you still not comprehend this?

  • Jenni Lada

    First, calm down.

    Second, my mistake. I hadn’t used that feature of my PS4 yet, since I still have my PS3 hooked up and I *HAD* downloaded episodes of Bleach and some other series to my PS3 from the PlayStation Store. You didn’t have to jump down my throat.