How To: Catch Monsters in Starbound

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The Starbound beta is now in its Angry Koala phase, which means it’s Pokemon time. Chucklefish really stepped things up, and decided to put in some early implementation of the pet system. Which means now you won’t be so alone when you explore the universe. You can have a trusty… whatever that thing is… at your side.

Of course, you can’t just immediately start catching monsters in Starbound. Only the very best are worthy of their own pets. That means you have to beat a few bosses and make the MK4 starmap. After you’ve done that, you can get the Creature Capture Station blueprint needed to make the system at the Robotic Crafting Table. Have 20 Durasteel bars and 2,500 pixels ready to build it. Once you have a Creature Capture Station, you can craft Capture Pods.

Once you have some Capture Pods in Starbound, you have to find a nest of baby monsters. They’re smaller and cuter than standard ones, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. You use a weaker weapon to get them down to about 50% health, then throw a capture pod at them. You aren’t guaranteed a catch, so have a few Capture Pods handy. Hey, that sounds pretty familiar!

There are a few kinks still in place with the pet system. Like once you summon a pet, you can’t call it back. You have to make it faint, or have another monster kill it. Then, you walk over and grab the filled capture pod. Don’t worry though. Starbound is similar to Pokemon, in that a captured monster won’t really die.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, a Chucklefish Games Forum member named Biroman is working on a Pokeball mod for the Capture Pods.

Just don’t get too excited about Starbound‘s Pokemon-ish features yet. It isn’t available until after the third boss, the Dragon King, is defeated. Considering how fast the game is being patched, and taking into account the save wipes that happen with most updates, there’s a good chance most people won’t get to experience this until the final build.

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