Walmart will have PS4s in store and online on December 15

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ps4Want a PS4? Get in line. While there have been rare sightings of the next gen consoles in the wild, both the PS4 and Xbox One are still pretty elusive right now. Take heart, however! We’ve just gotten a tip that one store will definitely have a large batch of PS4s coming in very soon. It isn’t even a rumor even. Walmart went ahead and told everybody it’s getting its largest shipment thus far of PS4s on December 15, 2013.

The PS4 batch is most likely in transit as you read. Sony’s shipping them out and Walmart will have the consoles for sale in stores and online on Sunday. They won’t be on sale. (Don’t be ridiculous.) Yet, paying $399.99 is a lot better than giving $500 or more to some reseller on eBay or Amazon.

Walmart’s batch is being sold as part of a Christmas Countdown Savings Event promotion, despite there being no sale. At this point, I guess an available, normal priced PS4 is a bit of a deal in and of itself. The press release says the consoles will be available at 8am, so people who desperately need one should probably stand in line. You may even want to check a 24 Walmart, if you have one near you. Maybe someone will be kind and allow you to buy one of the PS4s from this batch at midnight.

No other stores have sounded the PS4 shipment alarm yet. However, other stores have announced sudden PS4 availability in the past month. Best Buy’s PS4 restock actually just happened last Sunday, and store representatives sent out an alert ahead of time that the consoles would be in all stores on December 8, 2013. Given how close we’re getting to Christmas, this Walmart restock is probably your last chance to get one as a gift for someone. I don’t know if we can rely on another store, like Target for example, announcing a PS4 restock on December 22, 2013.

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  • Bryant

    Will there be stock in all walmarts during this restock. Including in massachusetts?

    • Jenni Lada

      The press release says the news applies to all Walmart stores in the United States. 😀

  • cas schmah

    im so happy to read this news. im interested in stuff like this just sayin