PS4 takes a slight lead in the console war

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ps4Personally, I don’t get the whole console war thing. I don’t see the point in picking a winner or a loser when it comes to systems. Some people prefer the PS4, others the Xbox One, and a very, tiny percentage of the gaming population likes the Wii U. Big deal. But I know other people, particularly fanboys and girls, want to know the numbers so they can root for their favorite, so here they are. We now know how the PS4 and Xbox One sold in November 2013, their debut month.

The PS4 sold more systems in November 2013, and also set a record for the world’s biggest console launch. As of December 3, 2013, over 2.1 million PS4s were sold, and over 1 million of them were sold in the 24 hours after the system launched in North America. Sony’s also reporting that over 20 million minutes of live gameplay have been shared with the PS4 thus far.

However, the Xbox One isn’t that far behind, so don’t go calling any winners yet. As of December 11, 2013, 2 million Xbox Ones were sold and it was the fastest selling console in November. Major Nelson says 909,132 of them were sold in November, with about 101,000 systems sold per day from the day the system launched.

Which means this generation things are going to be very close. I’m sure there are people who will argue the Xbox One would have done as well as the PS4, maybe even better, if the PS4 hadn’t had a one week head start. For those who don’t recall, the PS4 launched on November 15, and the Xbox One on November 22.

As for other other systems’ sales in North America in November, the NPD says the 3DS came in third with around over 770,000 sold. The Xbox 360 was next with about 647,000 consoles sold. The Wii U was in fifth, with there being around 220,000 systems sold. The PS3 and Vita didn’t make it onto the list.

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