Minecraft PS3 Edition brings the Creepers on December 17

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minecraft ps3
The exclusivity arrangement is over! Sony fanboys and girls can now savor the sweet taste of Minecraft PS3 Edition that Xbox 360 and PC owners have been enjoyed for months and years. It will taste so salty sweet, like the sweat dripping off the brow of someone who has spent 10 hours straight creating the perfect Minecraft castle. Okay, that imagery was a little gross. Let’s forget I typed that.

The Minecraft PS3 Edition is exactly like the Xbox 360 version. When it appears on December 17, 2013, it will have all the features you’d expect in the game, and will be completely caught up with it’s counterpart. All future advances, additions, and patches will be released at the same time on both consoles from henceforth, so one won’t be better than the other. They will be absolutely, completely equal.

I’m sure that means the price will be the same as well. It hasn’t been announced yet for the Minecraft PS3 Edition, but a download of the Xbox 360 version is $19.99. I can’t see any reason why it would be different. It also hasn’t been said if it will become a cross-buy title. As many may know, Mojang is working on PS4 and Vita versions of Minecraft. It would be absolutely awesome to buy it once, and have it on every Sony platform.

Mojang will also be releasing Minecraft PS3 Edition DLC, just like it did for the Xbox 360 Edition. The PlayStation Blog announcement even hints at PlayStation exclusive skin and texture pack DLC, but doesn’t confirm anything. Just don’t buy any The Last of Us skins if they’re made available – Steve already looks a lot like Joel.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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