Survive Winter so You Can Watch the Senran Kagura Anime this Summer

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I guess XSEED’s localization of Senran Kagura Burst opened some kind of floodgates, because there’s more incoming. If you played the 3DS game and came away with the impression that it felt like a fanservice anime, you’re not too far off. The game actually inspired a fanservice anime series, which Funimation has picked up.

Funimation has will be putting the 12 episode Senran Kagura anime on Blu-ray discs for anyone who missed the company’s streaming of the series on its website. Since only elite subscribers could watch it, there’s a good chance people missed out. Which means when the physical copies come out in Summer 2014, they’ll get a chance to finally see them.

The Senran Kagura anime series has a different story than the Senran Kagura Burst game, so people even remotely interested in the series should probably watch both. The game is naturally the original source material, so you don’t be too far behind if that’s the only thing you go for, but still. It seems like people who do like Senran Kagura don’t want to miss anything.

Rest assured that the fanservice is 100% intact in the anime adaptation. You’ll see everything you’ve come to expect from the game, and all of the characters will mostly look and act the same. I haven’t watched it, but I have heard the story is supposedly a little deeper than that in the game, so I guess you can look forward to that. I’d also expect a bit more fanservice, just based on my experiences watching other anime shows. I guess we’ll all wait and see.

Source [Anime News Network]

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