Android Amusements: Hundreds

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It’s Tuesday, which means it’s an Android Amusements kind of day. Today we’re looking at Hundreds, which I only just started playing thanks to the Humble Mobile Bundle 3. It’s an intriguing game that requires players to manage space while also mastering perfect timing to get to 100.

The premise of Hundreds is simple. There will be circles on the field with numerical values. Players press and hold a circle to increase its value. The goal is to reach 100. The catch is, it gradually becomes increasingly difficult to reach that number without making some kind of mistake.

See, there are rules in place. The circles can’t touch one another while one is increasing. There are also obstacles in the playfield. Not to mention, sometimes multiple circles must be held at once to grow. As a result, reaching the goal of 100 gets to be an increasingly difficult goal, and some may grow frustrated the second circles gain the ability to move about the field.

At the same time, Hundreds proves to be one of those devilishly simple games that may not require any kind of real shows of intelligence, but still make players feel smart. Especially since the 100 available puzzles can easily be replayed. Though one can find a solution that works, it doesn’t mean that is the only one available, meaning a level can always feel fresh.

Granted, there is also an Endless mode Hundreds for those who have played through all 100 levels. I found it was a more zen experience than a taxing one. Though there is a challenge, I didn’t feel let down when I would “lose” there, as I would in the regular levels.

The visuals are also very pleasing in Hundreds. The game is simple, and so is everything else. Lovely music plays as you watch the clearly defined circles and shapes on screen, and there is never a moment where you wonder what you’re supposed to do or how an element will react.

Really, Hundreds is a delightful game. The only thing I could ever see dissuading someone from playing is the price. It’s $4.99, a bit steep for an Android puzzle game. Still, it’s such a rewarding and replayable experience that I’d recommend it even despite the cost. It’s a perfect game to place on a tablet or phone and enjoy in fifteen minute doses.

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