Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team Bargain: Rookie Chris Johnson Card

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Chris Johnson Madden NFL 25The Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team mode combines elements of fantasy football and card collecting. It reminds me of an RPG in a lot of ways too. You start with a really week team and you’re going to put hours and hours in to see it become good. If you’d rather pay to play, that’s an option also. Packs full of high level players are available for those who would just rather start with an awesome team.

EA has added elements to Madden NFL 25 to make it less of a grind this year, as surveys showed that even hardcore players losing interest. Every so often we get a gift that helps our fledgling squads. I started playing during PlayStation 4 launch week and since then I’ve received an 80 overall ranked Kurt Warner and Reggie White for free. They’ve tremendously helped a squad that started at 70 overall.

The Madden NFL 25‘s primary currency is Madden coins earned by playing games. An auction block lets you hunt for the best deals. Assembling your team can be as much as fun as playing it. Madden NFL 25 is all about the running game this year, and I’d like to tell you about a runner who can really improve your team for cheap.

The Silver level Top 100 Rookie Star Chris Johnson is very affordable. I picked him up for around 1000 coins, or two preseason games’ worth of grinding. He’s only a 77 overall, but that’s not the rating we’re concerned with. This version of CJ2K boasts a 95 speed and 90 acceleration. Some things about this football sim never change. Speed and acceleration are desired attributes in any player, especially in the early going. A 95 speed rating is higher than some legendary cards that would cost you far more. It’s also a lot higher than that of the players who will be attempting to tackle him early in your Ultimate Team career.

This version of Johnson brings elite speed for a low, low price.

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