Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Celebrates Christmas

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final fantasy xiv a realm reborn christmas
Did I decide to share this news with you today because I enjoy and play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ? No. Is it because it’s the holiday season and every Christmas event should be lauded? That’s part of it. Is it just because it meant I could share that freaking adorable screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV? Bingo! Though, I suppose the most important thing to note is that the snowmen for the Starlight Celebration are missing and players have to retrieve them for rewards.

The Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration seems like it’s actually pretty simple. Players just have to go on some quests to find out what happened to the Snowmen, and save them in time for Christmas… sorry, I mean the Starlight Celebration. As to whether it’s worth the trouble, that depends on whether or not you like themed outfits.

The rewards for the Final Fantasy XIV 2013 Starlight Celebration questline are pretty much all costumes. You can get Santa, snowman, and reindeer costumes and gear for your avatar. As you can see from that precious screenshot above, a Lalafell is rocking that snowman attire. There’s also a reindeer outfit for your chocobo, if you have one.

It’s worth going for, really. Especially since there’s so much time to take part in the Starlight Celebration event. It’s running in Final Fantasy XIV until December 31, 2013. Go ahead and try to get some festive freebies.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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