Toys R Us has New Skylanders Giants Figures, Xbox Ones

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toys r us xbox one skylandersOkay everyone, prepare to hop in the car and head to Toys R Us. There are two things that will be in-stock at midnight that a lot of kids, and people who are young at heart, will want. Toys R Us will have the three newest Skylanders SWAP Force figures and Xbox Ones. The season could be a whole lot brighter if you get there at 12:01am and grab these exclusive items.

There are three new Skylanders SWAP Force figures at Toys R Us in the latest rollout. People will be able to grab Dune Bug, Hyper Beam Prism Break, and a standard Smolderdash. Dune Bug is the only one people should really be concerned with, however. A Lightcore Smolderdash has been available since Skylanders SWAP Force debuted back in October 2013, and Prism Break has been around since the original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. So don’t worry about grabbing those. Shoot for Dune Bug.

If you want an Xbox One, don’t worry about really rushing to grab one. Yes, they’ll probably be in limited supply in Toys R Us stores, but it’s not like Xbox Ones are PS4 rare. Xbox One has Xbox Ones online, and GameStop has them this weekend as well.

It’s actually the Skylanders SWAP Force figures that will probably be the hot ticket items during this midnight rush. People are crazy for those collectibe figures, and they’re going to want those new ones for the holidays.

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