Zen Pinball 2 has Come to the PS4

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Zen Pinball 2
Now that Christmas is over, and possibly the outage that hit all online gaming services as millions of devices connected for the first time, people can start enjoying games. In particular, PlayStation 4 owners can now add Zen Pinball 2 to their library. Pay attention if you already have a PS3 and Vita with Zen Pinball 2, because this announcement matters to you.

The Zen Pinball 2 base game is free for all, since it’s sort of a shell to keep all your tables. You do get one table for free as well, the Sorcerer’s Lair, so you can jump right in once the download is complete. Of course, you’ll want to buy more tables since one can never have enough pinball tables to play. With twenty tables available to you, you’ll never get bored of flapping those flippers. Except, those extra tables all cost money.

For those who already purchased tables for Zen Pinball 2 on the PS3 or PS Vita, you can import those tables into the PS4 version for free. Importing is simple enough. There’s an import option when you are at the main menu of the game. When you choose to import, the game will search the PlayStation Store for any previous tables purchased. After a quick download, and maybe a restart of the game, all of your tables will be unlocked. A more detailed guide is over at the PlayStation Blog that will help those who may have some issues when importing.

So there you go, there’s another game for your console to enjoy this holiday season. Granted, it won’t look or play any different than the PS3 and Vita versions, but still. It’s nice to get something.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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