Run your own wrestling promotion with Ringmaster Kickstarter

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Ringmaster screenshotWrestling buffs spend as much time talking about what’s wrong with the show as they do watching it. We’re all experts, and a large portion of us think we can run a wrestling company better than Vince McMahon or Dixie Carter. That’s the principle behind Ringmaster, an iOS game currently seeking Kickstarter funding.  Developer Brian Papa is a lifelong wrestling fan and an e-fed veteran.

For the uninitiated, that’s fantasy wrestling. It’s online role-playing in which the promos and backstage segments are more important than the in-ring action. That’s actually not very different from the pro wrestling on TV. I am a proud former e-wrestling champion myself. Don’t laugh, I swing a very mean imaginary folding steel chair.

So this game isn’t about memorizing combos or reversing chokeslams. Rather, you will figure out how to put off the best wrestling show on TV. Ringmaster includes 50 different wrestlers all battling for in-ring supremacy, while you are the promoter battling for the highest ratings. You’ll be able to challenge friends to a four-week ratings showdown. During your own iOS based Monday Night War, you will unlock bigger arenas, raid other promotions and become king of the wrestling world! Can your tiny promotion fight its way from the bingo halls to sold out basketball arenas?

Rewards range from immortality in the game’s credits to a dinner party and wrestling show with the game’s creators. As a $300 backer, you can even create one of the wrestlers who will appear in the game.

Kickstarter has launched more than 100,000 projects, and raised more than $535 million for them. Ringmaster is a prime example of the kind of project it makes possible. The average person might not get it, while the target audience will wonder why such a game hasn’t come out already. There are currently 18 days left in the Ringmaster Kickstarter. Papa’s seeking $30,000 to bring this game to the iPad, iPadTouch and iPhone.

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