Pokemon Bank Delayed Because Nintendo Network is Overloaded

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pokemon bank
Way to go, new 3DS and Wii U owners, you broke the Nintendo Network! And because you broke it, Nintendo’s not giving us Pokemon Bank. Okay, let me rephrase that. Nintendo isn’t trying to be mean. But because demand is already overloading the Nintendo Network, the company is delaying the Pokemon Bank.

See, the Pokemon Bank is a very big deal. It’s supposed to launch on December 27, 2013. If it arrived on schedule, the Nintendo Network would be in even worse shape than it already is. I mean, I know I’m chomping at the bit to load up all my old, favorite Pokemon into Pokemon X.I can’t be the only one. And the fact that the free, 30 trial period is limited and there’s a chance to get a Celebi would make it even more appealing.

Nintendo hasn’t said when the delay will end, and there’s no new release date for the Pokemon Bank. The company also hasn’t said if it will extend the deadline to sign up for a free trial. It’s all up in the air.

At least we can take solace that Pokemon Bank has been pulled from all regions. It isn’t available in Japan at the moment either. So we’re all suffering together.

Besides, we can take heart. Some Japanese users already have their copies of Pokemon Bank and are uploading and trading their Pokemon. Hopefully, breeders will start flooding the Global Trading System and Wonder Trade with some of these (temporarily) rare critters!

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